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How to handle negative comments on social media

Uncategorized Nov 30, 2021

A public negative comment or scathing review plastered on your social media page is enough to turn a good day sour. It can be tempting to immediately delete and block, but as your PR we say: please don’t!  Instead we have laid out our best practice tips below with a free PDF cheat sheet to help you when you get stuck.

One of the most common questions we are asked is when to delete and block a person, and if bad commentary can be outweighed by positive stories.

Our advice generally is that automatically blocking and deleting, or continuing to push positive stories to counteract the bad commentary online is never a sustainable long-term solution, and in many cases will make things worse over time. 

Of course, there are people that cannot be reasoned with; misinformation, disinformation and spam bots that are actively detracting brands in their aim to build positive online engagement; responding requires an enormous amount of time and effort, but we assure you,...

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Your Spokesperson Checklist

It’s 2021, the year where it is very possible to go from ‘Hero’ to ‘Zero’ in the space of five seconds flat.

The role of a spokesperson is to speak publicly on behalf of an organisation's brand, build relationships with the media, and be the representative in times of a crisis (including during a global pandemic!). 

But in a media landscape which now includes the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and LinkedIn, we are increasingly seeing the effects that one off-the-cuff, or ill-thought out comment from a spokesperson can have. Sending their reputation into a nosedive and in some cases seeing them removed from those same platforms they were asked to speak on. 

It seems the life of a spokesperson could easily be compared to a tightrope walker; with one false move, it could see them plummet to their death. Maybe spokespeople should be receiving danger money?! 

That raises the question though, what best practice advice or...

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We're now Kingdom PR!


New Zealand 11 August 2021 - New Zealand online public relations agency, Delaney & CO. Public Relations has rebranded to ‘Kingdom PR’ to align with our vision to help mission-centric organisations, says Hannah Nutsford, Public Relations Consultant and Director, Kingdom PR.


Founded in 2014, public relations professional Hannah Nutsford (née Delaney) set up the company with the aim to make leading global public relations (PR) strategies and services more accessible by offering a freelance PR service, predominantly online.


Over seven years the agency has represented credible spokespeople and brands across technology, education, religious and national organisations, with its focus now on helping mission-centric organisations in high-risk industries, as communication needs become more complex. 


Hannahs says the Kingdom PR team is passionate about enhancing and protecting brands that have a mission to change lives and...

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Introducing our new name...

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Kingdom’?

Some may perceive the word Kingdom as dark, outdated and restricted, but for us the term 'Kingdom' is particularly bright and bold; representing the life and colour of creation. The word Kingdom in Greek actually translates to ‘Vasíleio’ and means “realm”. We see this as a new space, fresh and exciting! Something outside of the box, breaking the everyday ‘norm’.

The term Kingdom for us also signals a nod to the mainstream media, and its original design to communicate truth as the 'fourth estate'. This term is derived from the traditional European concept of the three estates of the realm including: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoner. 

The media has always had a powerful position within society with its ability to influence policy and decision making, and today this lends itself to consumer decisions. But from traditional paper press, to now...

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We're Rebranding!

We have exciting news!

This month we are going through the process of rebranding, including a name change and new visual look and feel.

We've grown a lot over the past seven years and we're excited to move towards a new brand that reflects our wider team values and vision.

Rebranding is a big step and we're excited to show you what we've been working on. There's a bit of labour that goes on behind the scenes when you're in this process. There's a whole lot more involved than thinking of a new name and logo. You're taking time, energy and a whole lot of heart and soul, to craft a new identity that your team resonates with, and your customers will love. 

We've helped out on several rebrand projects over the years, and we are thrilled to finally be doing this for ourselves! And we are so appreciative of our designer, Hannah Faulke for doing this work. Hannah has been the visual brand designer behind Delaney & CO. rebranding projects, and we couldn't be...

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Welcome Sarah Tuiletufuga!

team Jun 29, 2021

This week we welcomed our first EMPLOYEE!  Please say a big welcome to Sarah Tuiletufuga, our Junior Communications Assistant.

Below is a bit about Sarah: 

Sarah Tuiletufuga is a fast-paced, passionate administrator and communicator with a love for serving. With six years of administration experience, Sarah’s skills and willingness to get the job done have seen her shine various roles from reception work to legal secretary level assistance.


As the junior communications assistant to the Delaney & CO. Public Relations team, Sarah’s role is to support business growth while executing high quality communications and coordination that supports the team to deliver.


Sarah has a certificate in Applied Business Practices and has completed a Business Administration Course at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology.


Welcome again Sarah!

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Online Media Kit: What to Include

pr foundations May 01, 2021

Media kits help journalists compile information, facts and figures to use in their story. If done correctly, this tool (usually a page or downloadable folder on your website) has the power to position you as an industry expert, making you a trusted voice of reason that can be approached time and time again by the media. 

Why should I have an online media kit? 

The media are increasingly under pressure to move fast. They work through hundreds of pitches and tips on any given day, working towards multiple deadlines and simultaneous stories. 

In today’s media landscape, giving journalists easy, timely and instant access to accurate company information and engaging brand assets can mean the difference between a small mention and prime placement in a feature news story. 

Our recommendations:

At D&CO our goal is for our clients to have mutually beneficial relationships with the media. We therefore want to make it as easy as possible for journalists to...

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Why Public Relations?

pr Feb 08, 2021

What makes PR different, and will it work for my business? 

Public Relations is defined as building mutually beneficial relationships between an organisation and its stakeholder groups to achieve a goal - using best practice communications. 

Simply put: Your business goal + your target audience + your message + PR expertise =  a communications plan that will achieve results. 

Public relations is often thought of as just media relations, spin, fluff, and something that the ‘colouring department’ produces (yes, I have heard that word in reference to marketing and PR!). But public relations, like marketing, is in fact its own field of expertise, and good PR practitioners have been known to help companies big and small achieve their goals. 

Public relations practitioners hold degrees in Communication, majoring in Public Relations and have studied persuasive and ethical communication as well as negotiation with all key stakeholder groups including;...

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