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Online media kit: What to include

Media kits help journalists compile information, facts and figures to use in their story. If done correctly, this tool (usually a page or downloadable folder on your website) has the power to position you as an industry expert, making you a trusted voice of reason that can be approached time and time again by the media. 

Why should I have an online media kit? 

The media are increasingly under pressure to move fast. They work through hundreds of pitches and tips on any given day, working towards multiple deadlines and simultaneous stories. 

In today’s media landscape, giving journalists easy, timely and instant access to accurate company information and engaging brand assets can mean the difference between a small mention and prime placement in a feature news story. 

Our recommendations:

At Kingdom PR our goal is for our clients to have mutually beneficial relationships with the media. We therefore want to make it as easy as possible for journalists to find key information that we know they are looking for, for example your:


  • Company boilerplate (official company ‘about us’). We write this in a particular style that will likely be copied and pasted by journalists so that your key messaging does not change.
  • Product information 
  • Company facts 
  • Spokespersons bios
  • Awards won Images (that are ready to go, correct file sizes, types! Did you know some media outlets will only use landscape shots?! So make sure you have a good combination of portrait and landscape) 
  • Relevant contact information

Taking the time to build an asset-rich online media kit on your website that gives instant access to company resources that journalists need to tell your story, will ensure correct and up to date information gets used, and increase the likelihood of them calling you again. 

Need help building your kit? Contact us for a chat at email [email protected]



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