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We're now Kingdom PR!


New Zealand 11 August 2021 - New Zealand online public relations agency, Delaney & CO. Public Relations has rebranded to ‘Kingdom PR’ to align with our vision to help mission-centric organisations, says Hannah Nutsford, Public Relations Consultant and Director, Kingdom PR.


Founded in 2014, public relations professional Hannah Nutsford (née Delaney) set up the company with the aim to make leading global public relations (PR) strategies and services more accessible by offering a freelance PR service, predominantly online.


Over seven years the agency has represented credible spokespeople and brands across technology, education, religious and national organisations, with its focus now on helping mission-centric organisations in high-risk industries, as communication needs become more complex. 


Hannahs says the Kingdom PR team is passionate about enhancing and protecting brands that have a mission to change lives and...

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We're Rebranding!

We have exciting news!

This month we are going through the process of rebranding, including a name change and new visual look and feel.

We've grown a lot over the past seven years and we're excited to move towards a new brand that reflects our wider team values and vision.

Rebranding is a big step and we're excited to show you what we've been working on. There's a bit of labour that goes on behind the scenes when you're in this process. There's a whole lot more involved than thinking of a new name and logo. You're taking time, energy and a whole lot of heart and soul, to craft a new identity that your team resonates with, and your customers will love. 

We've helped out on several rebrand projects over the years, and we are thrilled to finally be doing this for ourselves! And we are so appreciative of our designer, Hannah Faulke for doing this work. Hannah has been the visual brand designer behind Delaney & CO. rebranding projects, and we couldn't be...

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