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Your Spokesperson Checklist

It’s 2021, the year where it is very possible to go from ‘Hero’ to ‘Zero’ in the space of five seconds flat.

The role of a spokesperson is to speak publicly on behalf of an organisation's brand, build relationships with the media, and be the representative in times of a crisis (including during a global pandemic!). 

But in a media landscape which now includes the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and LinkedIn, we are increasingly seeing the effects that one off-the-cuff, or ill-thought out comment from a spokesperson can have. Sending their reputation into a nosedive and in some cases seeing them removed from those same platforms they were asked to speak on. 

It seems the life of a spokesperson could easily be compared to a tightrope walker; with one false move, it could see them plummet to their death. Maybe spokespeople should be receiving danger money?! 

That raises the question though, what best practice advice or...

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Introducing our new name...

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Kingdom’?

Some may perceive the word Kingdom as dark, outdated and restricted, but for us the term 'Kingdom' is particularly bright and bold; representing the life and colour of creation. The word Kingdom in Greek actually translates to ‘Vasíleio’ and means “realm”. We see this as a new space, fresh and exciting! Something outside of the box, breaking the everyday ‘norm’.

The term Kingdom for us also signals a nod to the mainstream media, and its original design to communicate truth as the 'fourth estate'. This term is derived from the traditional European concept of the three estates of the realm including: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoner. 

The media has always had a powerful position within society with its ability to influence policy and decision making, and today this lends itself to consumer decisions. But from traditional paper press, to now...

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