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Kingdom PR is a public relations agency serving businesses, organisations and church ministries across New Zealand and abroad. We work with business owners, executive leaders, and key spokespeople to manage reputation, increase brand awareness and create positive change connected to their overarching vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Public Relations is the discipline of building mutually beneficial relationships between an organisation and its stakeholder groups - in order to achieve the organisation’s goal.

As public relations is centred around best-practice communications, PR practitioners are often well equipped to provide strategy across many communication disciplines including: media relations, marketing communications, internal communications, investor relations, community relations, and lobbying. 

Whether your goal is to gain more brand awareness, engage employees, or make national change, your success will rely on your ability to communicate and influence effectively. As strategic communications professionals we are able to provide advice to ensure you are on the right track. 

“Stakeholders" or “publics” are groups of people that have a concern, stake or influence in your business. The most common stakeholder groups are:

  • customers & potential customers
  • media and influencers
  • government and local, and regional councils
  • investors
  • community groups
  • the general public
  • employees
  • Public relations strategy

  • Public relations campaigns

  • Media training

  • Press release writing & media pitching

  • Copywriting, case studies and marketing communications

  • Media coordination and relations

  • Launch events and media lunches

  • Market research

  • Stakeholder management and relations

  • Reputation management

  • Issues and crisis management

  • Strategic advice

  • Relationship building

  • Negotiations

  • Communications advice and support

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