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A public relations strategy is a document that outlines how you will reach your desired goal with communications activity. It covers your objectives, key messages, target audience, an implementation plan for your communications activity, the budget, and discusses how you will measure its effectiveness. 

Whether you are wanting to be a thought-leader in your field, reach more people with your messaging, change perceptions in the market, or gain more clients - a clear public relations strategy will be necessary in ensuring real and consistent results.

Media training is specialised communication training for spokespeople who will be interacting directly with the media. Media training helps spokespeople understand the media landscape, what makes news, how to identify a newsworthy story, and how to be confident and in control during an interview with a journalist. Media training also helps mitigate any blunders with the media and teaches the rules of engagement with journalists in different circumstances, all while focussing on how to effectively deliver your key messages under pressure. 

Kingdom PR has been media training thought-leaders across New Zealand for over eight years, in person, via zoom, and via our short online courses. Every client we represent has been through our media training process which includes understanding media fundamentals, as well as completing a practical interview with a former journalist. Participants receive feedback and can repeat practical interviews at any stage if they would like to practice. 

We view media training as a must for any CEO, business owner, or senior manager who is seeking to upskill in communicating their unique value proposition and key messages - whether it is for business growth, or reputation protection in a crisis setting. 

Our team of talented writers can efficiently take your core message and communicate it to your desired audiences, in various formats - all while remaining true to your brand's tone and style. 
Enquire about our monthly content package, where we package up your regular written content including blogs, customer case studies, social media posts, and newsletter content - so you can focus on what you do best. 

Our team is trained specifically in crisis communications and have expertise in this area. 

“An organisational crisis is a low probability, high impact event that threatens the viability of the organisation, and is characterised by ambiguity of cause, effects and means of resolution, as well as by a belief that decisions must be made swiftly.” (Pearson & Clar, 1998.) OR  “A sudden and unexpected event that threatens to disrupt an organisation's operations and poses both a functional and reputational threat.” (Coombs 2007.) 

Kingdom PR can help proactively manage risks with scenario planning sessions, crisis communications plans, and crisis training for spokespeople. 

If you are needing help with issues management, or are currently in a crisis and needing urgent communications assistance - please call Hannah Nutsford directly on 0276360010 

Tips for communicating in a crisis:


  • Respond quickly
  • Speak with a single voice 
  • Be informed and accurate 
  • Admit what you don’t know
  • Demonstrate empathy and care 
  • Stop rumours and correct misinformation
  • Focus on what you are going to say 
  • Say when more information will be available
  • Reach the target audience on THEIR terms and channels 


  • Speculate about cause or effect 
  • Lie or stonewall
  • Be ‘unavailable’
  • Treat the media as the enemy 
  • Say ‘no comment’ 
  • Apportion blame or point fingers 
  • Let legal considerations dominate 
  • Use jargon and acronyms  

Qualities of an effective spokesperson in a crisis:

  • Communicates empathy AND authority
  • Makes commitments on behalf of the organisation
  • Stays calm under pressure
  • Operates in a highly unstructured situation 
  • Avoids jargon and corporate speak
  • Listens as well as talks
  • Has a good understanding of the crisis and organisational response
  • Has technical knowledge to avoid embarrassing mistakes 
  • Has previous experience with the news media and other stakeholders 
  • Is able to get to the scene of the crisis 
  • Has been media trained

If you are needing help with a marketing plan for an existing business, or have recently started a new business, our One Page PR Plans with our coaching sessions can help you have a clear roadmap ahead.  

We work through the following elements: Your goal, objectives, your target audience & channels, your brand foundations, your unique point of difference, and how you plan to execute.


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