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Why Public Relations?

pr Feb 08, 2021

What makes PR different, and will it work for my business? 

Public Relations is defined as building mutually beneficial relationships between an organisation and its stakeholder groups to achieve a goal - using best practice communications. 

Simply put: Your business goal + your target audience + your message + PR expertise =  a communications plan that will achieve results. 

Public relations is often thought of as just media relations, spin, fluff, and something that the ‘colouring department’ produces (yes, I have heard that word in reference to marketing and PR!). But public relations, like marketing, is in fact its own field of expertise, and good PR practitioners have been known to help companies big and small achieve their goals. 

Public relations practitioners hold degrees in Communication, majoring in Public Relations and have studied persuasive and ethical communication as well as negotiation with all key stakeholder groups including; staff, boards of directors, investors, media, customers, communities, and government. They will usually uphold a code of ethics via a PR industry association, such as PRINZ, PRIA, PRSA, or CIPR. 

They are strategic thinkers that can write, plan, research and come up with new and inventive ways to deliver messages across a vast array of ever-changing communication channels. 

This sought-after business function can help you work towards; increased brand awareness and a positive reputation, thought-leadership in the marketplace, strategic partnerships, profitability, and an increase in sales and event attendance - essentially any business goal you have! 

What are PR professionals usually hired to do? (Get ready, it's a long list!)

  • Develop public relations plans
  • Secure mainstream media coverage
  • Write and pitch media releases
  • Write and edit copy
  • Organise events and media famils 
  • Manage and build relationships on online media
  • Develop strategic plans around employment brands, and recruitment campaigns
  • Organise and execute photoshoots
  • Organise influencer campaigns and marketing
  • Provide crisis communications management 
  • Provide issues management
  • Coordinate and manage company case studies
  • Write speeches
  • Provide sponsorship strategy 
  • Provide public speaking support 
  • Provide media training
  • Negotiate with key stakeholders
  • Conduct focus groups and conduct market research
  • Coordinate marketing, brand, and digital external suppliers

And so much more! 

Anything that encompasses communications, a PR person is usually interested and can add value. 


So who hires PR practitioners? 

  • Start-ups
  • High-growth businesses
  • Councils
  • Government agencies
  • Celebrities
  • Religious organisations and churches
  • Schools and educational organisations
  • Charities and Not For Profits


Basically any person, business or organisation that has a goal, and needs to communicate with stakeholders to achieve it. From customers, media, government, investors and so on. 


I don’t have a PR practitioner or agency, should I get one? 

Well, it depends on your business, goal, budget, and current resources. You may not need a full time person or agency - but I would always recommend getting a PR person to weigh in on your goals and communications activity. 

We believe qualified and experienced PR practitioners should quickly be able to see strategy, identify any gaps, and make recommendations on your communications to achieve maximum results, which is why we have made it easy for start-ups, businesses and organisations to seek our advice online. 


We provide free, no obligation, qualified, and confidential public relations advice via Zoom. To book an appointment, please book via the link:



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