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New Zealand 11 August 2021 - New Zealand online public relations agency, Delaney & CO. Public Relations has rebranded to ‘Kingdom PR’ to align with our vision to help mission-centric organisations, says Hannah Nutsford, Public Relations Consultant and Director, Kingdom PR.


Founded in 2014, public relations professional Hannah Nutsford (née Delaney) set up the company with the aim to make leading global public relations (PR) strategies and services more accessible by offering a freelance PR service, predominantly online.


Over seven years the agency has represented credible spokespeople and brands across technology, education, religious and national organisations, with its focus now on helping mission-centric organisations in high-risk industries, as communication needs become more complex. 


Hannahs says the Kingdom PR team is passionate about enhancing and protecting brands that have a mission to change lives and help people.


"As communication changes, we are seeing an increased demand for reputation protection, as brands desire to speak their voice without fear of being completely cancelled."

Hannah Nutsford, Public Relations Consultant, Kingdom PR 

From groups of people attacking a brand's social media page, to journalists turning up onsite with cameras, the team at Kingdom PR believe the need to access trained communication professionals, on demand, is a growing necessity.


“We are seeing an increase in higher-risk organisations, such as churches and schools, start to understand brand and marketing, but have juniors or volunteers looking after their social media accounts without a clear strategy, and leadership not realising the communication skills required to speak on behalf of a brand to a mass audience, especially when issues arise. We aim to bridge that gap.”


Well accustomed to working virtually for businesses and organisations both in New Zealand and abroad, Kingdom PR offers its clients strategic PR planning to reach their goals, as well as spokesperson, crisis and media training, with access to professional advice, PR and communication services. 


“The new name Kingdom PR inspires a best practice approach with creative freedom to imagine what’s possible in this new era to reach client goals, while also signalling a nod to traditional media - known as the fourth estate of the realm - and the responsibility that new media has (including broadcasting, publishing and social media) to share and report truth,” says Ms Nutsford. 


Kingdom PR represents mission-centric organisations to both the New Zealand public and global audiences, providing strategic and flexible public relations counsel, public relations campaigns, media awareness and ongoing proactive representation to achieve business goals. Kingdom PR is a member of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand and adheres to the PRINZ code of ethics.

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