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Introducing our new name...

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Kingdom’?

Some may perceive the word Kingdom as dark, outdated and restricted, but for us the term 'Kingdom' is particularly bright and bold; representing the life and colour of creation. The word Kingdom in Greek actually translates to ‘Vasíleio’ and means “realm”. We see this as a new space, fresh and exciting! Something outside of the box, breaking the everyday ‘norm’.

The term Kingdom for us also signals a nod to the mainstream media, and its original design to communicate truth as the 'fourth estate'. This term is derived from the traditional European concept of the three estates of the realm including: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoner. 

The media has always had a powerful position within society with its ability to influence policy and decision making, and today this lends itself to consumer decisions. But from traditional paper press, to now hundreds of media and online publications, with little barrier to entry, the 'media' has become more diverse, trickier to navigate, and lines are constantly blurred between advertising and real news. 

Today the term 'media' extends itself to the main means of mass communication including broadcasting, publishing, and the internet. Our role at Kingdom PR is to help clients reach their goals by navigating their communications successfully. Helping to bring truth into the media, presenting different perspectives, and informing audiences to make positive change within our society.

Here at Kingdom PR, you won’t see fake news or campaigns that deliberately deceive audiences to break into news cycles. You will see best practice communications that deliver real results. Whether that’s by communicating in the mainstream media, on a Facebook feed, or within a client’s newsletter campaign. 

With over 17 years combined experience across communications and ministry, we are a team that are passionate about communicating in a powerful way, and seeing organisations and businesses succeed in reaching their goals in the marketplace. 

From one self-employed PR consultant in 2014 with a laptop and a dream, today we are a wider team that carries infectious energy, are bold, and empower vision by delivering extraordinary communication results for clients - and we can’t wait to share with you a visual brand that matches - coming soon.  

Seeking increased brand awareness? Launching a startup? Wanting better engagement with your audience? Get in touch, we can't wait to hear from you and your team:
 [email protected]

Thank you for your ongoing support on our journey! We look forward to talking soon. 

 Hannah, Spencer & your Kingdom PR team


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