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Raygun: Making headlines across NZ & Australia

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2022
We are beyond excited to share this sizzling news about our about our amazing high growth client Raygun. 
Yes, this appointment was big news - local tech heroes Raygun have welcomed Eliza Clulow from Microsoft’s Github as their new APAC VP of Growth!
Clulow, who will be leading globally from Sydney, has an impressive background. As the Director of APAC Marketing at Github, Clulow and her team achieved 70% year-on-year growth, and were behind Github’s successful launches into the world’s two largest markets, India and The Greater China Region. (wow!)
This was also an impressive round of Australasian media coverage, with an initial target of 3-4 placements, targets were well exceeded: 

Well done to our Kingdom PR team this week - Ashleigh, Hannah, Kesiah and Spencer for your work on this! We can't wait to see Raygun enter into its next phase of growth!
Want to know more about how we did this PR? Get in contact with our friendly team: [email protected] 

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